DuPont's Prequel herbicide labeled for corn

DuPont has received federal registration approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for DuPont Prequel, a new pre-emergence herbicide for corn designed to provide growers with a more effective tool for managing weeds during the crop’s critical early growth stages.

According to Jeff Carpenter, corn portfolio manager for DuPont Crop Protection, the new product was designed specifically to provide growers with more control under more conditions. “Many corn growers are struggling to control weeds using glyphosate alone,” Carpenter said. “Prequel helps keep fields clean early to give corn the best start. Recent university research has shown that almost any weed competition in the first few weeks after emergence can reduce corn yields.”

Prequel provides contact plus residual grass and broadleaf control in conventional and herbicide-tolerant corn programs. Prequel has multiple modes of action for longer-lasting, more consistent early-season control of tough weeds, including ragweed and pigweed.

Carpenter recommends using Prequel pre-emergence, followed by a postemergence application of DuPont Resolve Q herbicide, to ensure season-long weed control in corn.