Deltapine introduces Class of 10 cotton varieties

Deltapine’s Class of 10 includes six new cotton varieties that were tested by the company, public entities and farmers during the 2009 growing season.

More than 160 farmers across the Cotton Belt participated in the New Product Exposure (NPE) program this past summer, testing candidates for the class on their farms. The feedback from these farmers and the data from plots show an increase in on-farm profitability potential.

The first two varieties from the Class of 10 will be of particular interest to farmers in Texas. Some of the key characteristics of these varieties are:

• DP 1032 B2RF is a variety with mid-maturity, smooth leaf, broadly adapted variety with great combination of yield potential and fiber quality for mid-maturity markets in west Texas. Its best overall performance has been on irrigated acres.

• DP 1044 B2RF is a mid-full maturity, smooth leaf variety with a great combination of yield and fiber quality for dryland and limited-water irrigated acres.

The two varieties that are best suited to the northern part of the Mid-South and Southeast are:

• DP 1028 B2RF is an early-to-mid-maturing variety with smooth leaf, excellent yield potential with improved staple and micronaire when compared to DP 0912 B2RF, a great performer in 2009.

• DP 1034 B2RF is a mid-maturing variety with excellent yield potential for mid-maturity markets. Great combination of yield and fiber quality.

Of the more full-season varieties, growers in the lower Southeast, Mid-South and south Texas who tested these varieties found improved yield potential:

• DP 1048 B2RF is a mid-to-full-maturing variety with semi-smooth leaf, broadly-adapted variety with improved staple and uniformity (vs. DP 555 BG/RR) and with excellent yield potential as a DP 555 BG/RR replacement.

• DP 1050 B2RF is a mid-to-full-maturing variety with smooth leaf, improved fiber quality (vs. DP 555 BG/RR), with excellent yield potential as a DP 555 BG/RR replacement; a similar plant type to DP 555 BG/RR.

Deltapine’s Class of 10 varieties offer the benefits of Genuity Bollgard II and Roundup Ready Flex. These traits have the proven performance of in-plant worm control and weed management options that farmers count on.

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