Deere remanufactured engines reliable, economical

John Deere has announced it has expanded its remanufactured component product line to include the popular 4.5L, 6.8L and 6.9L Tier 3 complete block assemblies (CBAs), with corresponding complete running engines slated for availability this fall.

These engines are remanufactured by John Deere Reman at its Springfield, Mo.,, facility.

The remanufactured 4.5L Tier 3 engines provide a replacement option for John Deere 6030, 6030 Premium and 5M Series Tractors. The remanufactured 6.8L Tier 3 engines service John Deere 7030 Series Tractors, 9560 and 9570 Combines, the 9970 Cotton Picker and 30 Series Self-Propelled Sprayers. The remanufactured 9.0L Tier 3 engines are a replacement option for 8030 and 9030 Series Tractors and other equipment. Each of these engines also covers a variety of OEM applications.

According to Stacy Schroeder, product marketing manager with John Deere Reman, these remanufactured engines are an excellent replacement option for a long list of John Deere models as well as other equipment. “Both complete block assemblies and complete running engines from Reman provide customers with readily available, reliable and economical engine replacement options that can get them back into the field faster than other service alternatives,” Schroeder says.

“In addition, our remanufactured complete engines satisfy all engine performance and Tier 3 emissions specifications. The CBAs come with a one year, unlimited-hour warranty and the complete running engines come with a John Deere warranty of two years or 2,000 hours, which provides customers with even greater peace of mind,” he notes. “Additionally, the money customers save by choosing Reman helps them realize a lower cost of ownership over the life of their machine.”

Each Reman CBA includes cylinder block, crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, camshaft, cylinder head assembly, oil pump and complete gasket set. Complete running engines add fuel and air packages along with the other engine components, and are dyno-tested at the factory before shipment. John Deere remanufactured engines and other parts are available exclusively through John Deere dealers and distributors.

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