Deere introduces SeedStar XP planter monitor

Planting operations just got more precise and easier to monitor with the new SeedStar XP monitoring system from John Deere.

The SeedStar XP provides more real-time information about planter performance and seed placement to the operator in the tractor cab, making it easier for the operator to make on-the-go adjustments to the planter for optimal seed placement and increased productivity.

The GreenStar 2 compatible SeedStar XP system features a user-friendly, full-color planting monitor, or it can be integrated with a producer’s existing GreenStar 2 display to eliminate clutter in the cab. The system is supported by a series of row-unit sensor nodes and downforce sensors configured to the specific model of planter.

In addition to the features of the original SeedStar 2 monitoring system, the SeedStar XP system includes these enhancements:

• Seed singulation and seed spacing monitoring.

• Row-unit downforce monitoring and adjustment.

• Row-unit ride quality monitoring.

• Overall row-unit and planter performance monitoring.

• Split-screen applications for planting and guidance (AutoTrac).

Chris Savener, project manager, planters, for John Deere Seeding, says the SeedStar XP system is designed with the latest customer needs in mind. “Everything that customers said they wanted in a fully integrated monitoring system for planting operations went into the SeedStar XP system,” Savener says. “This includes an easy-to-read, at-a-glance screen with seed skip information and data on row-unit ride dynamics, which are critical to monitoring and maintaining overall planter performance at the row-unit level. Ultimately, the SeedStar XP monitoring system helps ensure that every seed is planted to the correct depth and spacing within the seed furrow across the entire field. Tests show that the system helps producers save planting time and seed while maximizing yields.”

The SeedStar XP system is available on select model year 2011 John Deere planters, including the 1770NT, 1770NT CCS, 1790 and DB Series planters, and is fully integrated and compatible with other Ag Management System products used for planting, such as Swath Control Pro for planters, GreenStar AutoTrac assisted steering and Apex farm management software.

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