Deere adds to Frontier’s offset disk line

John Deere has added three new lines of offset disks to its Frontier family of tillage products: The DH51 Series, the DH52 Series, and the DH53 Series.

All models of the Frontier DH Series Offset Disks offer producers affordable, rugged tillage tools designed to handle a wide variety of field conditions and applications.

The Frontier DH51 Series Offset Disk features sturdy frame construction and oil bath tapered roller bearings for long life. Available in five widths ranging from eight feet to 16 feet with weight per blade pressures of 240 to 320 pounds, the DH51 Series Offset Disk comes standard with 26-inch blades (28-inch blades optional) on 10.5-inch spacing for superior trash penetration and soil mixing.

Disks are available with notched, smooth or a combination of front notched and rear smooth blades, depending on customer preference. The DH51 Series includes models 5108, 5110, 5112, 5114 and 5116.

The Frontier DH52 Series Offset Disk is a heavier implement designed to handle a wide variety of field tillage needs with ease. The DH52 Series comes in non-folding rigid frame widths of 10 to 19 feet with weight per blade pressures from 249 to 341 pounds.

It comes standard with 26-inch X .312 inch blades or optional 28-inch diameter blades. Models in the DH52 Series include the 5210, 5212, 5214, 5216, 5217, 5219 and 5221. Folding rigid frame model DH52 Offset Disks also are available in 21-, 22- and 24-foot widths.

Both the Frontier DH51 and DH52 Series Disks come standard with 1.625-inch diameter gang axles or optional 2.125-inch diameter gang axles.

The heaviest, most rugged of the new Frontier Offset Disks is the DH53 Series, which comes in five widths from eight to 16 feet. Built with heavy-duty frame construction, large gang axles and oil bath dual tapered roller bearings, the DH53 Series comes standard with heavy 28-inch X .375-inch notched blades on 12-inch spacings; 30-inch and 32-inch notched blades are optional with this series. The DH53 has a weight per blade of 337 to 533 pounds to handle heavy residue and tough soil conditions. Models in the DH53 Series include the 5308, 5310, 5312, 5314 and 5316.

Tom Elliott, division sales and marketing manager at John Deere, says all the new DH Series Offset Disks feature simple, easy-to-adjust gang-angles for maximize tillage performance depending on conditions of the field.

“All Frontier DH Series Offset Disks are designed and built to meet the tillage needs of today’s producers while providing the dependable performance and durability to last through years of use,” says Elliott. “The many different models of Frontier Offset Disks mean there is a model that’s right for any field, tillage need and size of operation.”

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