CrustBuster offers bulk storage bins

CrustBuster/Speed King, Inc., Dodge City, Kan., Manufacturers of the first folding grain drill and tubular belt-conveyor, now offers Multi-Use Steel Bins for storage and handling of grain, feed, seed or dry fertilizer.

The versatility extends to pellets and any other free flowing dry granular commodity.

The bins feature:

• Welded steel construction.

• No bolts to come loose or shear off.

• Smooth interior bin walls.

• Open and close top port from ground.

• Four site windows easy to view from ground level.

• Side & top access steel ladder.

• Easy access bin hopper man hatch.

Optional features include:

Sample tube opening, bean ladder, 304 stainless steel gate, epoxy painted interiors, electric or pneumatic gate opener, ladder cage.

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