CrescoAg launches crop decision, risk management tools

CrescoAg LLC, an independent information management company, has introduced its suite of crop decision and risk management tools that will help growers and their trusted advisers better analyze data and make decisions to maximize profitability.  

CrescoAg leadership introduced the company’s suite of proprietary products and services to a top-tier audience of growers and agriculture industry professionals in Memphis at the Decisions 2011 summer seminar presented by Brock Associates.

Today’s growers have access to an overwhelming amount of valuable data generated from precision agriculture technologies. However, turning that data into knowledge that can increase productivity and profitability is often a challenge.

CrescoAg understands this challenge and provides tools that will make data from precision agriculture more practical, powerful and profitable than ever before.

“We are excited to introduce a line-up of innovative products and services that will revolutionize the way growers, consultants and retailers work together to improve productivity,” said Chism Craig, vice-president, research and development at CrescoAg.

“We’ve developed partnerships and strategic alliances with some of the leading providers of precision agriculture technology and are looking forward to providing new tools and resources to our customers.”

The company’s products and services utilize data from tools such as field mapping, soil sampling, record keeping, automated crop monitoring and “whole farm” research plots. The data generated by these tools are mapped, stored and easily accessible. CrescoAg will accept data from all major hardware or equipment brands, translate it, store it and make it compatible with other systems.  

The aggregated data will allow for community analysis and benchmarking at the field and farm enterprise level.  

“CrescoAg will use a proprietary data collection system named MesoFarm that will allow users to benchmark their crop production performance to farms of similar size and production practices,” said Craig.  

“Because all data is anonymous and based on actual field data, users can get an accurate, unbiased comparison that can drive future management decisions.”

CrescoAg products will primarily be available through retailers and crop consultants throughout the Mid-South and Southeastern U.S. for the 2012 growing season.

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