FROM LEFT cousins Rob and Brandon Karcher and their precision ag consultant Tim Sharp say variablerate application is a system not a set of single practices

FROM LEFT, cousins Rob and Brandon Karcher, and their precision ag consultant Tim Sharp, say variable-rate application is a system, not a set of single practices.

Precision ag is a system, not single practices.

The key to making variable-rate applications work begins with acquiring reliable information from the field.

For the Karcher family farm, variable-rate application of inputs means keeping up with almost constant change in software, hardware, GPS and equipment. But the need for basic agronomy knowledge is always the same.

The Karchers, cousins Brandon and Rob Karcher, and Brandon’s father, Ed, farm around 3,000 acres of corn, cotton, soybeans and wheat near Somerville, Tenn. They started experimenting with variable-rate applications of inputs in 1997, with the help of Tim Sharp, a preci

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