MERCER TENN producer Brad Tinsley uses variablerate technology to get the most from every acre

MERCER, TENN., producer Brad Tinsley uses variable-rate technology to get the most from every acre.

Variable-rate application is farming every acre like a field

Brad Tinsley has been making variable-rate applications of inputs for 16 years. His VR prescriptions are based on yield maps. 

When farmer Brad Tinsley ventured into precision agriculture 16 years ago, he wasn’t sure where the new technology would take him. Today a goal has come into focus – to get the most from every acre with a variable-rate approach for fertilizer, lime, nitrogen and seed.

Tinsley farms corn, soybeans and wheat near Mercer, Tenn., often sharing equipment and labor with neighbors Ken and Joe Couch.

Tinsley dropped cotton from the mix this year based on economics, but lab

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