Challenger, Massey expand tractor lines

AGCO announces the expansion of the Massey Ferguson 7400 Series and Challenger MT500B Series tractor lines to include two new high-horsepower models each — the Massey Ferguson 7497 and 7499 and Challenger MT585B and MT595B.

Boasting some of the most innovative technology on the market today, these tractors come standard with the industry-leading continuously variable transmission (CVT), tractor management, AGCO SISU POWER engines plus exceptional operator comforts.

"AGCO is committed to our grower customers, and we're pleased to meet their needs for power and technology by expanding the horsepower range of our lineup," says Jason Hoult, product marketing manager for high horsepower tractors. "With the addition of these tractors both Massey Ferguson and Challenger now offer customers a full line of CVT-equipped tractors from 100 to 275 PTO horsepower. Our goal was to build dependable and powerful, yet versatile and comfortable tractors, and I think we accomplished that goal."

These new models are powered by a 7.4 litre capacity AGCO SISU POWER 74CTA engine, renowned for its excellent fuel economy and for producing high pulling power at low speeds. With CVT plus AGCO's exclusive tractor management system the tractors get the power down to handle the toughest jobs on the farm and in the field. The engine's power and torque characteristics have been optimized to provide outstanding field and transport capabilities while providing exceptional fuel consumption and maximum power at lower RPMs.

Control is also easier with a new active stop feature that stops forward and reverse travel by simply raising the shuttle lever. The tractor will stay in place, even on a slope, until the shuttle lever is lowered back into position.

Industry-leading continuously variable transmissions from AGCO are a key feature. Designed to increase producer productivity and fuel efficiency more than any other transmission, CVT technology provides smooth, infinitely variable speed control that offers versatility and precision through innovative technology, sophisticated features, and easy-to-use, straightforward controls. Durable and long-lasting, CVT and tractor management allow the operator to determine a specific ground speed and optimum rpm. The tractor's engine and transmission then work together to choose the most efficient engine speed for maximum productivity — providing optimum efficiency no matter the terrain or crop conditions.

With the fewest number of moving parts of any stepless or powershift transmission in the industry, plus a separate oil reservoir for the transmission to minimize contamination from implements, this transmission offers exceptional reliability and long-life.

"Many of the features farmers have come to love and expect from their tractors are standard on these new models, particularly in the area of comfort," says Hoult. "Everything in the tractors' cabs has been positioned to provide the operator with superior comfort, control and ease of use."

Incorporated into the cab area are innovative rubber padding and rubber mounts to reduce the amount of noise and vibration felt by the operator. Standard air-ride seats help keep the operator comfortable regardless of how many hours it takes to get the job done.

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