Case IH unveils new Axial-Flow 240 Series Combines

The new Case IH Axial-Flow 240 combines look to set new levels of productivity and efficiency for 2015.

“As producers continue to achieve more yield per acre, Case IH combines match their capacity for even more efficient harvesting,” said Nathan Weinkauf, Case IH NAFTA combine marketing manager. “The new Axial-Flow 7240, 8240 and 9240 combines with larger engines deliver more power, more grain in the tank, and more hours of uninterrupted operation thanks to a larger fuel tank.”

The new Axial-Flow series with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, meets Tier 4 Final engine emissions standards. The patented SCR technology allows for maximum horsepower without compromising efficiency.

Other new features include:

  • Larger grain tank: The 8240 and 9240 combines feature the largest grain tank capacity in the industry at 410 bushels. The larger grain tanks, together with unload rates of up to 4½ bushel per second, allow operators to open up fields easily and unload quickly. The larger grain tanks on the 8240 and 9240 units are matched with higher load rated tires to accommodate the added weight.
  • Increased fuel economy and capacity: With a fine-tuned combustion process the new models feature a substantial improvement in fuel efficiency. Increased fuel tank capacity on all 240 series combines allow for a full day’s harvest without refilling. A newly designed engine cooling system and vacuum aspirated rotating wand on the stationary air screen, ensure proper cooling for optimum engine efficiency and performance, even while harvesting in high-debris areas.
  • More power: The engines are tuned for maximum horsepower without compromising efficiency for emissions. The new combines also provide very high levels of power rise, which ensure producers can unload on the go without slowing down.
  • Ease of operation: To provide the best fuel efficiency while maintaining ease of operation and reliability, Power Plus Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) drives are designed to provide efficient transfer of power to the rotor and the feeder.