Biagro Western launches Take-Off

Biagro Western has secured exclusive international rights to market a new product that will allow farmers to increase crop carbon fixation and thereby increase nitrate uptake and nitrogen use efficiency.

Take-Off, a metabolic plant stimulant, was developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. Biagro Western secured the marketing rights after seeing the results of field studies conducted by Los Alamos, and then spent four years doing additional field research in Europe, followed by additional testing in the United States.

The new product speeds plants to maturity, allowing the plants to more efficiently assimilate nitrogen by coordinating the nitrogen uptake and photosynthesis processes. Field tests show that Take-Off reduced nitrogen inputs by 25 to 35 percent.

Ultimately, Take-Off enhances plant yield without the use of growth hormones by simply enhancing the levels of growth materials already in the plant. Take-Off can be applied as a spray to a plant’s leaves, using traditional sprayer equipment, or to the plant’s root system. The product enhances tree fruit, vines, vegetables, and cereals, including wheat and corn.

Take-Off will be sold initially as an additive in Nutri-Phite fertilizers under the brand line name of Nutri-Phite “Ultra,” and is now available through agri-chemical dealers.

“We watched the results of field tests and pursued the rights to license and distribute the product because we saw the benefits,” said Pete Alvitre, chief operating officer of Biagro Western. “We know this will help growers produce a better crop while saving on input costs. This technology represents a major breakthrough in improving crop productivity.”

Take-Off was developed for use on cereals, forage, fruit, vegetables, and energy crops. Its benefits include:

• Increased fertilizer efficiency.

• Increased plant atmospheric carbon fixation.

• Increased protein content for better nutrition.

• Improved flavor in leafy, green vegetables.

• Reduced tissue nitrate levels due to better plant utilization.

• Reduced levels of soil nitrate due to increased uptake.

Field tests continue in the United States on wheat, corn, sugar cane, rice, melons, peppers, and potatoes, under the supervision of Nigel Grech, director of research and development for Biagro Western.

“We continue to research new uses and best practices for Take-Off,” Grech explained. “Through exacting science and field research, we will make a highly effective product even more beneficial. The product is already commercialized in the UK, where it is used on more than 500,000 acres of crops.”

Based in Visalia, Calif., Biagro Western is a global leader in innovative plant nutrition and health solutions from the laboratory to he field. The company's current product portfolio includes Nutri-Phite®, and Nutri-Grow® phosphite plant nutrition products, which are patented and licensed by the University of California. For more information, contact Peter E. Alvitre at (800) 868-6446 or visit