Becker Underwood creates new Vault HP case size

Becker Underwood has added two new case sizes for its Vault HP growth-enhancement system for soybeans.

The 2 x 200-unit package size will treat 20,000 pounds of soybeans, or enough seed to plant roughly 350 acres using average seeding rates. Each package (case) contains two complete sets of material that will each treat 200, 50-pound bags, or units, of soybean seed. The 4 x 50-unit size will treat 10,000 pounds of seed and allow smaller volume treaters to more closely match the inoculant volume to their growers’ needs. The company introduced a 2 x 100-unit case last year that also treats 10,000 pounds of seed.

 “The new 2 x 200 package size will mean more time savings and convenience for large-volume treaters,” says Russ Berndt, Becker Underwood product manager for inoculants. “With more growers purchasing and having their seed treated in bulk or large bulk boxes, many of our seed-treater customers needed this option to make more efficient use of their time. It will help improve the work-flow through their operations at planting time and we definitely believe this is a situation where bigger is better for our Vault HP treatment customers.”

The small-unit packaging (4 x 50) will allow treaters to fill out or finish off a larger order with just the right amount of product, without having to open and mix another 100 or 200 units-worth of product in the treatment tank. This helps assure that freshly mixed product is getting applied to the seed.

 “The exclusive, patent-pending, “breathable” bladder technology in our packaging helps provide an optimal environment for extending the viability of the rhizobial component in the vault HP treatment system,” says Berndt. “It has helped us establish a new industry performance standard of 125 days of on-seed rhizobia survival for seed treated with VAULT HP in the 2 x 100 and 4 x 50-unit case sizes.

Each specially designed case contains all three Vault HP liquid-based components that open and mix easily. This includes a bio-active growth enhancer that stimulates the rhizobia provided in Vault HP, and in the soil, to maximize nitrogen-fixation potential; the rhizobial component; and Integral, an EPA-registered biofungicide.

As with all Becker Underwood soybean inoculant products, these new Vault HP case sizes will be made fresh for each growing season to ensure delivery of the highest quality product for maximum performance in treatment systems and soybean growers’ fields.

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