Becker introduces Vault system for soybeans

Becker Underwood, developer, marketer and producer of bioagronomic products for agriculture, introduces Vault HP, a new bio-based, multi-component, growth enhancer for soybeans.

Applied at a rate of only 2.0 fluid ounces per hundredweight of seed, the Vault HP system features a new, patented performance booster, a biofungicide and a patent-pending rhizobial inoculant offering industry-leading on-seed survival.

“Vault HP is the first in a planned series of new performance-boosting seed-enhancement systems we expect to introduce over the next few years,” says Eda Reinot, Becker Underwood global manager, research and development. “This soybean-specific system features a new, patented growth promoter. It also includes a patent-pending formulation of nitrogen-fixing rhizobia combined with special packaging designed to help ensure industry-leading on-seed survival of all system components. And, the new Vault HP system includes our Integral biofungicide to help suppress diseases such as fusarium and rhizoctonia for better plant health.”

“The Vault HP system has raised the bar in terms of soybean performance enhancements,” says Charlie Hale, U.S. marketing lead for Becker Underwood. “We’re no longer talking about just an inoculant or just a single biological component. We’re now talking about a complete performance-boosting system, yet with an application rate of only 2.0 fluid ounces per hundredweight of seed. That’s the lowest application rate in the industry for a product containing a rhizobia component. With our new packaging and the patent-pending rhizobia formulation included in this system, we will deliver more than 10 billion live rhizobia per milliliter of applied product.

“We believe each component in the Vault HP system will deliver industry-leading on-seed survival and field performance,” Hale says.

Producers around the country who received experimental quantities of Vault HP to test in 2009 consistently reported dramatic differences in plant vigor and growth, larger root mass and significantly higher levels of nodulation, Hale notes. These are the visual differences typically associated with higher yields, he adds.

The new Vault HP performance-boosting system is available from major agricultural product distributors.

Becker Underwood, Inc., founded in 1982, is an international developer of bio-agronomic and specialty products. In addition to being the leading manufacturer of seed coatings and colorants, the company is also the leading global producer of inoculants, beneficial nematodes, and a wide range of agricultural and horticultural products.

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