Bayer expanding seed treatment position

Bayer CropScience is seeking to achieve a leading position in the global seed treatment market with innovative, customer-oriented solutions.

"We have a first-class product portfolio, a well-stocked research and development pipeline and comprehensive knowledge in the fields of application technology and mechanical engineering," stressed Helmut Schramm, head of Bayer CropScience’s Seed Treatment business, at the International Seed Federation (ISF) Congress in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

"We also offer our customers comprehensive service packages to give them access to new technologies — a unique platform," he added. State-of-the-art, efficient and environmentally sound seed treatment methods help seed companies and farmers worldwide protect high-quality seed against pests and diseases and boost the yields of important crops.

Three new, innovative product solutions: Poncho/Votivo, CropStar and Emesto

Poncho/Votivo, which was recently launched in the United States, combines the efficacy of an established insecticidal seed treatment agent with innovative nematode protection on a biological basis.

This combination product contains a special strain of bacteria (Bacillus firmus) which sets up a protective biological barrier around the roots to halt nematodes. Poncho/Votivo is available to U.S. farmers in corn, cotton and soybean seed.

In addition to combating nematodes — tapeworms that live in the soil — the product also prevents infestation by insect pests such as wireworms, black cutworm, seed corn maggots and other yield robbing insects.

To support the market launch of Poncho/Votivo in soybeans, Bayer CropScience is offering seed dealers a special application system.

"On Demand", a computer-based system that allows customer-specific application: For example, the ideal combination of insecticidal, fungicidal, nematode protection products, colorants and film coatings can be mixed on the basis of certified recipes according to the customer or seed company’s requirements, thus ensuring top-quality, highly accurate seed dressing.

In Brazil, Bayer CropScience’s CropStar protects soybeans and corn against a broad spectrum of pests such as nematodes. In addition, it also confers the StressShield effect, strengthening the plant’s resistance to stress factors such as drought or strong rainfall.

CropStar also stimulates plant growth. Brazilian farmers benefit from practical advantages like improved root formation, more plant mass and higher yields.

The market launch of Emesto in Europe is scheduled for 2012. This new fungicidal seed treatment from Bayer CropScience will be used in potato cultivation to combat Rhizoctonia rot.

In addition to higher yields, Emesto also has a positive effect on potato quality and improves their storage stability.

The active ingredient contained in Emesto will also be used in new products for crops such as corn, soybeans, canola, rice and cotton as of 2012.

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