Bayer enters soybean seed market with Credenz brand

Bayer CropScience is entering the soybean seed market with the introduction of Credenz brand soybeans. It is the company’s first global soybean seed brand commercially available in U.S. markets.

The new brand will be available to growers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, southern Iowa and Illinois for the 2015 growing season.

“We expect to expand the offer in 2016 to most states across the nation,” said Diego Angelo, director, U.S. soybean operations for Bayer CropScience, during a recent press briefing.

The Credenz brand offers soybean growers glufosinate- and glyphosate-tolerant traits in 27 varieties in maturity groups 2 through 7.

“Credenz combines high-yielding, carefully selected genetics that will perform across different environments and different soil types, combined with choice of traits,” Angelo said. “The Credenz launch brings much-needed innovation to the U.S. soybean market, where production is expected to increase over the next five years.

“To meet these needs, we have invested in Credenz breeding stations in the United States and around the world to provide timely, custom-made solutions to meet the region-specific challenges faced by U.S. growers.”

HBK Seed, a brand from Hornbeck Seed Company which Bayer acquired in 2011, will now carry the Credenz brand name. “There will also be some new varieties that are truly new Credenz varieties,” said Christopher Tinius, global director of soybean breeding for Bayer CropScience. “The varieties are highly focused on yield and production problems that are present in the specific areas where we intend to launch Credenz.”

Joe Mencer, a soybean grower based in Lake Village, Ark., said, “Our experience this year with the Bayer CropScience system was tremendous. We had some of the highest yielding soybeans we’ve ever had. A number of our fields averaged more than 80 bushels an acre. We even had some that averaged in the mid-90s.”

Bayer CropScience will expand the Credenz platform over the coming years by introducing multiple new trait technologies. Angelo said a key introduction in Credenz in the coming years is HPPD herbicide tolerance. “HPPDs are currently in a leading position in corn. We’re going to bring that to soybeans, as well tolerance to soybean cyst nematode.

“We will be working to stack those technologies so the growers have more flexibility and opportunity to control weeds and manage diseases and insects.”

“Soybeans represent a strategic crop for Bayer CropScience and our focus on building a fully integrated soybean portfolio of offerings will allow us to provide growers with complete solutions of seed, seed treatment, traits and crop protection solutions,” said Allen Gent, U.S. soybean product manager, Bayer CropScience. Bayer CropScience’s seed treatments include Poncho/VOTiVo. Bayer expects to add ILeVO to the portfolio, pending EPA registration. ILeVO provides protection for soybean seedlings against the fungus that causes Sudden Death Syndrome.