BASF presents new class of chemistry

BASF is in the final stages of defining Initium fungicide, a new active ingredient designed to protect a wide array of specialty crops and ornamentals from disease.

Research on Zampro fungicide — a new multi-mode preventative fungicide for specialty crops, and Orvego fungicide — a formulation specifically for the greenhouse and nursery markets was presented at the American Phytopathological Society (APS).

“These products exemplify the dedication to ongoing research and development, and a robust pipeline of innovation,” said Jeff Barnes, group leader, biology for BASF. “These abstracts and presentations represent the hard work, commitment and enthusiasm of our scientists around the globe.”

BASF researchers discussed the profile for Initium and the fungicide ametoctradin, a new Oomycete-specific fungicide, which belongs to a new class of chemistry. Kristin Klappach, Global Fungicide Development, presented the overall profile of Initium. This new active ingredient, a product of BASF research and discovery, is being researched extensively in controlling major plant pathogens, such as downy mildews and Phytophthora spp. on vine, vegetable crops and ornamental plants. EPA registration is expected in 2012.

“Initium is an exciting new umbrella product that will be used in a number of fungicides,” Klappach said. “These products will give growers in the vine, vegetable and ornamentals markets another effective tool to fight tough diseases and provide them with an additional and novel tool.”

Zampro fungicide, a new multi-mode preventative fungicide, was addressed at APS by Katherine Walker, technical service field representative. A pre-mix combination of Initium and dimethomorph, Zampro is designed to add a layer of protection against Oomycete diseases, such as downy mildews and Phytophthora spp in a variety of specialty crops. Zampro is expected to be registered in 2012.

“Because Zampro contains two modes of action, it will help growers manage resistance issues in crops, such as vegetables, potatoes, grapes and hops,” Walker said.

A similar formulation of Initium and dimethromorph is being developed in the ornamentals market. Orvego fungicide has shown effective disease control on ornamental plants, including coleus, deadnettle and rose. Renee Keese, biology project leader — Professional Turf & Ornamentals, BASF, showcased the product’s efficacy and use rates.

“With a dual mode of action, Orvego will be an effective resistance management tool against downy mildew and Phytophthoras in the ornamentals market,” Keese said. “We’ve seen good results at low use rates and hope to receive product registration for Orvego in 2012.”

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