Avicta registered for use on soybeans

Syngenta Seedcare has announced that the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved Avicta 500 FS nematicide for use on soybeans.

Avicta will be available to soybean growers in combination with separately-registered Cruiser seed treatment insecticide and an ApronMaxx seed treatment fungicide as Avicta Complete Beans.

“With the recent registration of Avicta for soybeans, Syngenta Seedcare is excited to introduce another market-leading innovation,” said Chad Stone, crop manager, Syngenta Seedcare. “As a first-of-its-kind seed treatment product combination, Avicta Complete Beans is a convenient, seed-delivered solution for nematode control in soybeans. Avicta nematicide has been successful at controlling nematodes in cotton and corn, and now soybean growers also will be able to experience the benefits of this new management tool.”

As a host crop, soybeans are highly susceptible to several of the same nematode species as cotton and corn. A recent shift in acreage away from cotton to other crops, including soybeans, throughout the southern United States means that growers who have historically battled nematode damage in their cotton fields should expect to see yield loss from nematodes in their corn and soybean crops.

Because of their first-hand experience battling nematodes in cotton, southern growers have an advantage over the rest of the country. They are aware that nematodes exist and have experienced the damage that often leads to yield and profit loss.

Most of the nematodes present in cotton and corn fields, specifically the root-knot nematode and the reniform nematode, also are threats to soybean acreage. With few rotational options and limited resistant soybean germplasm currently in existence, management of non-cyst forming nematodes is necessary to achieve maximum yield potential.

“It is important for soybean growers to understand they must manage nematodes in their fields because they cannot be eradicated,” said John Mueller, professor of plant pathology at Clemson University. “Since nematodes can exist in all soil environments, growers only have one opportunity to control them — before planting. Even the slightest discoloration in soybean plants means that growers are already at a 10 to 15 percent yield loss.”

Avicta seed treatment nematicide provides immediate protection against all major non-cyst forming nematode species, including root-knot, reniform, stubby-root, lance, stunt and sting nematodes. Providing effective nematode protection from the time the seed is planted helps promote stronger plant stand, vigor and emergence — establishing the foundation for better yield potential.

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