AutoFarm offers Remote Service

The new AutoFarm ParaDyme precision farming system offers an exclusive Remote Service feature that provides customers with a direct wireless connection to their AutoFarm dealer, allowing dealers to resolve field issues in real time.

“AutoFarm’s Remote Service feature is 100 percent set-up and activated at the factory. We’ve taken care of all the hassles like buying your own cell plan, worries about compatibility with your equipment and your cell service, separate contracts, separate payments, all of the headaches,” says John Bressler, AutoFarm Senior Marketing Manager. “It brings customers improved reliability and responsiveness and allows immediate diagnostic capability in the field.”

ParaDyme Remote Service is simple to use. When the vehicle operator presses the “Call Support” button on any of three color touchscreen controllers compatible with ParaDyme, the servicing dealer receives a message alerting them to a service request. If the dealer cannot resolve the service request with a phone call, the dealer can access the ParaDyme system remotely to view working data and resolve the request. All of this can be accomplished with the customer still in the tractor or combine cab and the dealer back at the office or on a portable laptop.

To add to the efficiency of Remote Service, if a trip to the field is required, the dealer knows what tools and/or parts need to be taken to the field. Plus, ParaDyme Remote Service, operating through the AutoFarm Central Business System, can even generate a satellite map for the dealer that shows the exact location of the vehicle that generated the service request.

The Central Business System (or CBS) is a Web site that allows AutoFarm resellers to offer customers unique new services that enhance the efficiency and productivity of their new ParaDyme precision farming system.

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