AutoFarm introduces upgrade kit

AutoFarm announces a new kit that will allow Raven Viper Pro owners, who want to add GPS automatic steering, to upgrade their current system to include FarmPRO DGPS or RTK steering.

Upgrading Viper Pro to FarmPRO DGPS will allow hands-free steering using WAAS or OminSTAR XP or HP correction. Upgrading to add FarmPRO RTK will allow sub-inch accurate vehicle placement with trip after trip, season after season repeatability.

Both Viper Pro-to-FarmPRO upgrades, DGPS or RTK, include the patented AutoFarm multi-antenna roof module with Logic7D technology. Logic7D technology is the key to precise position and orientation for sub-inch accurate vehicle placement. It also offers unique adaptive control capabilities that calibrate to the dynamics of specific vehicles, whether sprayers and spreaders, tractors or combines.

“When you combine the leader in hands-free GPS steering with the leader in application control, you get the FarmPRO system; the total solution to managing productivity and profitability,” says John Bressler, AutoFarm senior marketing manager.

The Viper Pro-to-FarmPRO upgrade offers the following AutoFarm GPS steering features:

• WAAS to RTK steering accuracy.

• Logic7D technology for unmatched steering accuracy.

• Reflex Technology that minimizes downtime due to loss of GPS signal.

• AutoCalibration of steering application functions.

• Easily mounted on most makes and models of vehicles.

• Easily transferred across vehicles.

• Remote engage options.

• Supported for use on articulated tractors.

“Viper Pro owners are already running the state of the art in variable rate control, section control and boom management,” adds Bressler, “the Viper Pro-to-FarmPRO upgrade brings them leading edge technology for hands-free GPS steering with a choice of accuracies.”

AutoFarm can be found at or by calling 1-877-947-7327.