AutoFarm announces RTK systems rebate

In an effort to make high precision RTK steering affordable to more farmers in today’s difficult market conditions, AutoFarm announces a $4,000 customer rebate on its top-of-the-line A5 RTK steering systems.

The rebate offer runs from through Oct. 31, 2009 at participating AutoFarm dealers.

“As one of the pioneer’s of RTK steering, AutoFarm knows the productivity and efficiency boost growers can receive from this high-accuracy, repeatable hands-free steering. That’s why we are offering this extra value-adding $4,000 customer rebate on any of our four A5 RTK systems,” says Tom Ruschhaupt, VP/General Manager of AutoFarm.

In difficult times, increasing productivity can be the difference between success and failure. North American growers seeking ways to increase their efficiency are finding that RTK steering offers one of the surest returns on investment in the precision technology market.

Purchasers of the AutoFarm system will receive a $4,000 check direct from AutoFarm after their new steering system has been installed on their tractor or other farm vehicle.

For more information on the various A5 RTK systems available with the rebate, contact a participating AutoFarm dealer. Dealers can be found on the Dealer Locator on or by calling 1-510-933-4849.