AutoFarm announces controller for ParaDyme systems

AutoFarm has announced the release of the new INTEGRA controller compatible with AutoFarm’s ParaDyme precision farming system.

Featuring a large, full-color 12.1-inch high-definition touchscreen, AutoFarm INTEGRA is the command post of an advanced precision farming operation. It offers variable rate planting and planter section control, multiple product application control, VRA, boom height and section control, advanced yield monitoring, “As Applied” hi-def mapping, plus AutoFarm GPS steering from WAAS to RTK.

AutoFarm INTEGRA is fully compatible with the AutoFarm ParaDyme system’s factory integrated wireless communication and integrated Remote Service. This 100 percent factory integrated cellular modem also gives RTK accuracy without a base station when using AutoFarm’s unique, optional RTK ReadyConnect service. RTK ReadyConnect allows ParaDyme users to access their state DOT CORS Network and receive RTK GPS accuracy without the expense of a base station, or without subscribing to an RTK tower network.

“The new AutoFarm INTEGRA is a high end controller/display that offers a multitude of precision farming features for the advanced operator. In addition to AutoFarm’s legendary steering, planter and application control, yield monitoring and data management, it features four video camera inputs, providing operators a better view of equipment operation and safety,” says John Bressler, AutoFarm senior marketing manager.

For more information on the AutoFarm INTEGRA and the AutoFarm ParaDyme System, visit