BIG DATA is playing an increasingly important role in farming operations but many concerns surround the data mdashGetty Images Sean Gallup

BIG DATA is playing an increasingly important role in farming operations, but many concerns surround the data. —Getty Images, Sean Gallup

Big data increasingly permeating farmers’ lives

In perfectly competitive markets, says Mississippi State University Agricultural Economics Professor Barry Barnett, “producers are pretty much price takers, and the only way they can increase their profitability per unit/pound/bushel is to control costs. Big data systems allow them to better understand differences in the production potential of different parts of the field." 

Whether it be yield monitors, sophisticated mapping systems, UAVs, or electronic devices on tractors, combines, and other machinery, today’s farmer is generating increasingly massive amounts of data.

And there are companies, organizations, and entities — public and private — that want to get their hands on that data for a variety of purposes.

At the same time, farmers, ag groups, and others are working to develop guidelines for a host of concerns: ownership, privacy, shari

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