Ag Leader, AutoFarm join forces

On Nov. 3, precision farming took a step forward when industry leaders Ag Leader Technology, Inc., Ames, Iowa, and AutoFarm, Fremont, Calif., joined forces. The collaboration be¬tween the two companies brings together the highly popular and successful precision ag products of Ag Leader with the latest embedded and integrated steering solutions from AutoFarm.

“This alliance is nothing but a win-win for the precision agriculture industry, and more importantly for our combined customers,” said Ag Leader Founder and President, Al Myers. “Each company brings strengths to the table allowing us to develop better precision farming solutions quicker, ultimately furthering the industry.”

“We are extremely excited about this collaboration with Ag Leader. They have a great reputation for innovative, high quality precision ag hardware and software,” says Herb Satterlee, CEO, Novariant-AutoFarm. “AutoFarm is well known for its high-accuracy steering systems. This alliance allows both companies to leverage our strengths and experience to offer the world’s most advanced and complete precision ag solutions to our dealers and customers.”

In addition to the recently released INTEGRA display and ParaDyme steering system, the two companies plan to collaborate on future projects.

“We’re definitely excited about the possibilities of future projects with the strength this cooperation brings,” adds Myers.

Satterlee concurs, “This is the beginning of a new era in precision ag that will bring our end user customers more ways to reduce input costs, increase efficiency, improve their decision making and increase farm profitability.”

AutoFarm can be found at or by calling 1-877-947-7327. Ag Leader is found at